Northstone Asset Management AG is an independent asset manager located in Zug, Switzerland. The investment focus is set on residential and mixed properties in the middle and premium segment.

We are a team of skilled investment professionals with long standing experience in the investment and real estate industry.

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Martin Stäubli



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Christian Grall



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Fabrice Geisler



Martin started his own business as a management and tax consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises in Zug six years ago. Financial accounting for real estate investments is part of his expertise. Martin used to work as a financial auditor at Ernst & Young EY for 25 years and as a controller in manufacturing and administration for ten years.

Christian started in 2019 as a Managing Director and Board Member of Northstone. Before joining he used to work as Development Manager and Key Account Advisor with PROJECT Investment Group, a leading specialist of Real Estate Development Funds in Germany with an AUM of EUR 1.5 billion. Christian has a long standing track record with more than 10 years of experience in Alternative Investment funds and New Business Development.

Fabrice joined Northstone in 2017 as a founding partner. He has a long standing track record in the investment and real estate industry. Before joining he has been investment manager with the Offen Group in Hamburg and managed Imvest Capital GmbH as managing partner.


Northstone Asset Management AG

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